Why I Love Film

As a little kid, I was OBSESSED with movie musicals. I always looked forward to the days we watched musicals in drama class in elementary school (shout out to Miss Amanda and Miss Margie). Whether it was the BEST Disney Channel Original Movie, The Cheetah Girls, or a classic like The Sound of Music, I loved the feeling musicals gave me. A truly great movie musical, many of which have failed, can make you feel every emotion the characters have not only through the acting but the songs as well. The stories were enhanced in my mind as a child with the music, whether it’s Bert’s utter joy while singing and tapping to “Step in Time” or Fanny Brice’s heartbreak and strength when belting the final song of Funny Girl.

Soon, my list of beloved movies grew and included Bend It Like Beckham, Love and Basketball, and the Harry Potter franchise. But it wasn’t until I watched the teen classic The Breakfast Club when I was ten that I felt truly changed by a film. For the first time, I felt like I was understood and that I wasn’t the only person who might feel the same way during the strange time of adolescence. When I first watched the movie,  I related to Brian, the brain, the most, but I find new similarities in the other four characters each time I watch it. I believe that I became a different person simply from the impact of a phenomenal film.

Film has the ability to change the way an audience sees the world. It can empower people to share the truth like the Oscar-winning film Spotlight or can reaffirm their hope for humanity like the Star Wars franchise has so brilliantly done. It allows people to escape their world but also see what could change in their own lives through fictional characters and stories.  And that’s what I love so deeply.

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤

9 thoughts on “Why I Love Film

  1. Ms Sydney,
    After reading through your eyes. I can see you have a Great future a head of you. If you ever need any extras I work for food

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