Awards Season, YAY!

I’m back! With a hectic senior year, it has been hard to write as much as I did when I first published my blog. But fear not! I’m wholeheartedly back to taking the time to share my opinions on the amazing world of film. It is a very exciting time in Hollywood because it’s awards season! Awards season is my favorite time of year being that I’m OBSESSED with glitz and glamour of it all. The dresses. The suits. The shiny trophies that are probably a lot heavier than they seem on-screen. All of the biggest and most talented stars in one room recognizing the amazing films that have been created throughout the year. What more could you ask for!

While I may live for awards season, I understand it’s criticisms. Yes, I firmly believe that female filmmakers should be asked more questions about their work rather than what they are wearing. They make some of the best and top-grossing movies and should be taken seriously the same way male filmmakers are. However, I also think acknowledging the designers who made their spectacular gowns is just as important. Fashion is art, not simply clothing, and should be recognized. Awards show red carpets are just as important for designers as they are for filmmakers. They put their time and creativity into making a piece that will best represent who their client is. So, I don’t think it is such a hassle to quickly ask an actress to acknowledge the designer who crafted her beautiful garment. (Is it obvious I’ve watched every season of Project Runway?)

And I, of course, can’t talk about the criticisms of award season without discussing the most controversial critique of all: the lack of diversity. For the past two years, the Oscars have been tagged with #OscarsSoWhite. The Academy took a lot of heat for their lack of people of color recognized in most categories, especially the acting nominations. Fortunately, the Academy was quick to act and created a plan to have a higher percentage of diversity within its members by 2020. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the first black president of the Academy, handled the difficult situation with class and intelligence instead of shying away from the problem.

While the Academy definitely needs to diversify its members, I think the problem primarily lies in the industry’s hands. The members of the Academy may vote for who should be nominated based off of a list of films in consideration, but the blame can’t be placed on them if so few films featuring people of color in front of and behind the camera are being made. Award nominations are simply a result of the films that have been produced throughout the year. So, if Hollywood fails to create films that include people of all backgrounds, how can people expect the Academy to recognize them? That being said, winning an Oscar doesn’t always measure how great an actor is. Alan Rickman never won the award but he was considered to be one of the best. Samuel L. Jackson has yet to win an Oscar but he’s still an inspiration to his fellow actors and deemed a legend. Viola Davis is still seen as one of the best actresses in industry without an Oscar (but hopefully not for long). Like the almighty Viola Davis explained last year, actors and filmmakers will still share their art and do it well without the recognition because it’s what they love to do.

I would be lying if I haven’t dreamed about winning an Oscar. I’ve talked about awards season and my dream to be in the industry so much that one of my best friends made me a fake Oscar to ask me to carry on her honor when she graduated (my high school has A LOT of traditions). Of course, I don’t want to become a filmmaker for the accolades. That would just be a waste of time and talent stressing over something that isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things and should never be a motivation for creating art and entertainment. But I still think it should be considered an honored to win these awards, especially since a lot of the boards that vote for them are fellow filmmakers in the business.

So, yes, I love awards season and I am not ashamed of it.

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤


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