It’s Oscar Weekend!

IT’S THE BIGGEST NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD! Can you all just imagine how excited I am for this weekend? As someone who is absolutely LOVES awards season, this is my Super Bowl. All year, I keep track of all of the most critically-acclaimed films to prepare for this weekend. Whether it’s reading articles on what’s big at Sundance or going to the theater myself to see as many movies as possible, I love keeping up with the buzz enough to actually have an opinion on who should win. I like to be able to scream in excitement when one of my predictions is right and shout at the TV when a film I didn’t like wins (see, the Oscar’s really is my Super Bowl.)

Now, Oscar Sunday is practically my self-proclaimed holiday. I make sure to reserve the living room for myself a full month before the show (I mean business people). Before the award show starts, I watch the live red-carpet coverage on E!, by far the best media coverage of any award show. And, of course, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have the proper snacks for the big night!  Pizza, chocolate, and sparkling apple cider in a champagne glass is the only way to go. As I wait for five o’clock to roll around, I love to watch the biggest stars in Hollywood walk the red carpet on my screen. How could you not love to watch beautiful, talented people look so glamorous?

When it’s finally showtime, I can barely hold myself together! Most of the time I enjoy the host’s opening monologue (personally, I don’t find Jimmy Kimmel, this year’s host, to be that funny), but I care WAY more about the category results. Yes, I want to be right about all of my picks for the winners but one of favorite parts of the Oscar’s specifically is the acceptance speeches. It’s always so moving to see the winners so genuinely grateful and honored to be recognized by the Academy and their peers. And the truth is, in most cases, the winner is pretty subjective. Rarely do people win, especially in the acting categories, who absolutely did not deserve to win. What’s really important is honoring a great year in film that challenged stereotypes, broke boundaries, told breath-taking stories, and entertained the world. That’s what the Oscar’s should be about.

I hope you all enjoy the show tomorrow as much as I will! Who knows, maybe I’ll be on the Oscar’s stage accepting the Best Picture award.

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤

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