Oscar Predictions

Tonight’s the big night! Are you excited? Because I AM PUMPED! Okay, I’ll try to contain my excitement. On to the important part! As I get ready to watch the show, here are some of my predictions for tonight’s big winners. Enjoy!

Best Picture



Hacksaw Ridge

Hell or High Water

Hidden Figures

La La Land


Manchester By the Sea


It’s no surprise that La La Land would take home tonight’s biggest prize. The big musical is expected to sweep almost all of its 14 nominations, including Best Picture. And while I absolutely LOVED La La Land and consider it to be one of the best three films of the year, I wish there was more of a possibility that Moonlight could win. Centered on the life of a young black man who is poor and gay living in Miami at three different stages of his life as he struggles to accept himself and find intimacy, Moonlight is a beautifully told story that about a group of people in society that film rarely spotlights. Frankly, I think Moonlight is probably the better film as a whole as it not only tells a perfectly-crafted story but it also has more social significance than most films in this category. So, yes, La La Land will win and I will be very very happy to see another spectacular movie musical win, but if by some chance Moonlight wins, I will be just as satisfied. (It must also be said that Hidden Figures should have been more of a contender, especially after winning the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. As the three leading ladies said, “They are hidden figures no more!”)

Actor in a Leading Role

Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge

Ryan Gosling, La La Land

Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic

Denzel Washington, Fences

Now, this category is a little complicated. Affleck has been the front runner to win since his film premiered at Sundance in 2016. But the thing is, that was before his past accusations of sexual harassment reappeared in the media. Some people in the industry and members of the Academy think that, while he gave an amazing performance, he should not be rewarded for bad behavior. Factoring the situation into who may win, Washington is giving Affleck a run for his money for his performance has a deeply flawed man in Fences. It doesn’t hurt that Washington is a long-time Academy favorite. While I think his scandal resurfacing did hurt his Oscar campaign, Affleck will probably come out on top.

Actress in a Leading Role

Isabelle Huppert, Elle

Ruth Negga, Loving

Natalie Portman, Jackie

Emma Stone, La La Land

Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins

For her performance in La La Land that shined through and through, Stone will receive her first, and probably not her last, Academy Award. Portman gave a more than impressive performance as the legendary Jackie O. Kennedy; however, Stone solidified her place as an actress who not only brings in the big bucks but whose talent could reach the heights of the almighty Meryl Streep one day. Speaking of Streep, I am a little more than bitter that she was nominated. Yes, no one can deny that she is the best actress of her generation but there were simply better performances that should have received recognition (i.e. Annette Benning for 20th Century Women, Amy Adams for Arrival, or my girl Taraji P. Henson for Hidden Figures.)

Actor in a Supporting Role

Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water

Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea

Dev Patel, Lion

Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals

This is honestly a no-brainer. Mahershala Ali will and deserves to win for his role in Moonlight as a drug dealer who tenderly mentors a young boy who receives no support or guidance at home. Any actor whose presence his heavily felt long after his character has left the screen deserves to win an Oscar.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Viola Davis, Fences

Naomie Harris, Moonlight

Nicole Kidman, Lion

Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures

Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea

ALL HAIL VIOLA DAVIS! She’s swept the entire award season, and today is the day she finally wins the Oscar that she deserved a looooong time ago.

Animated Feature Film

Kubo and the Two Strings


My Life as a Zucchini

The Red Turtle


An animated movie that successfully addresses social injustice through funny, talking animals that fight crime. What could be better than that? Seriously, what could possibly be better than that. Answer: absolutely nothing.


Denis Villeneuve, Arrival

Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge

Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea

Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

I’ve been a fan of Chazelle’s since Whiplash and it’s truly remarkable how he was able to top himself after such a successful directorial debut. La La Land is the kind of movie that sounds like it could be great but could easily go terribly wrong if not in the right hands. And Chazelle hits it out of the park. I believe that his impeccable work on this magical film marks the beginning of his journey of becoming the visionary director of my generation. (It must also be said that Jenkins’ work on Moonlight with less than half the budget of La La Land is truly commendable and equally remarkable as Chazelle’s.)

Music (Original Song)

“Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” from La La Land (Music by Justin Hurwitz, Lyrics by

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” from Trolls

“City of Stars” from La La Land

“The Empty Chair” from Jim: the James Foley Story

“How Far I’ll Go” from Moana

“City of Stars, are you shining just for me?” You can’t tell me that this song wasn’t stuck in your just by watching the trailer. This beautiful song is considered the anthem of the musical and while most likely win the Academy Award. I would rather see “Audition” win because I connected with it more and think that it’s the true anthem of what the film is about. And it wouldn’t be a surprise of the almighty Lin-Manuel Miranda won for “How Far I’ll Go” being that he’s a genius and everyone loves him (is it that obvious I love Hamilton?)

There you have it! I hope you all watch the show tonight and see how well my predictions hold up. You know I will 😉

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤

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