The Table Read

Welcome back! Is my first film experience still as exciting for you as it is for me? Well, I sure hope so because here’s another post about it! The first weekend was dedicated to the casting call and after assembling the cast, it was time for the table read. Okay, I’m going to be honest. In my four years of doing theater tech in high school, I almost never read the scripts or listened to the musical soundtracks until the night before the first tech rehearsal (if I even finished it. Oops.) It wasn’t entirely out of laziness. Since my job didn’t really require me to go to rehearsals, I kinda liked waiting to watch the show. But don’t worry, I’m not crazy. I was NOT going to do that for my first film experience. Before the table read, I read the script 3 times to make sure I understood the story and knew each of the character names. Even though I wouldn’t be in the room most of the time to listen to the cast read, I wanted to be prepared.

Like the casting call, my main job for the day was to sign the actors in, make sure that we had their correct contact information, and double check each person’s availability. At the casting call, I was the only person working the registration table but this time I worked with three other PAs for the film. Being the youngest person on the crew, I was a little nervous that I would be out of my league (actually a lot nervous but whatever). But what I love about this experience already is that it is everyone’s first opportunity to get industry credits too. I might have thought it was going to be weird to be younger than everyone else but it’s actually pretty cool to work and interact with adults who are my peers rather than people telling me what to do (wow, that doesn’t sound bitter at all). Even though I was my normal shy and awkward self when first meeting new people, it was really nice to get know the people who I would be working closely with for the next couple of weekends. And I must say, as someone who’s about to enter adulthood (yes, I say that with excitement and dread) I actually learned a lot about adulting in my conversations with my fellow PAs, like how to build credit and pay off loans.

Before they officially closed the door to begin the table read, the other PAs and I ran in to meet the cast and introduce ourselves (and get snacks, of course). Reading the script beforehand when seeing who each person was playing really paid off. Knowing the script, I could easily picture the actors in their respective roles. Who would have thought? About an hour or so later, we were called inside the room to be stand-ins for a bar scene. I know, as a 17 year old recent high school graduate, I have so much bar experience so this was pretty perfect (I hope you caught the sarcasm). Luckily my inexperience didn’t really matter since I just had to laugh. I can do that!

Seeing everyone around the table reading the script out loud made this experience even more real. This is really happening! One of the goals the producer, Gricelda, had was to have as many minorities and different types of people as possible involved in the production. And in looking around the table, I could see that she had suceeded. In looking around the room, I see people of all races, backgrounds, genders, and ages excited to work together on something that they believe in. I could see each person doing their part to contribute to the project.  As I look over to my fellow PAs and continue to get to know the crew, I begin to feel more confident that this production could be something really special.

Well, there’s your latest recap of what’s happening in my world of film! Next, I’ll share how the first weekend of filming went. Until next time!

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤

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