Through Sydney’s Eyes Takes New York

Hello to all! I write this as I tackle the beginning of the next big steps in my life. On August 23, 2017, I turned 18 years-old and prepared to leave for college in New York. Throughout my summer before college, I wasn’t super nervous to leave home and go all the way across the country. But, I will be honest. As I was doing my last load of laundry the night before the next step in my life and thinking about the major changes coming, I might have had a minor freak out about becoming an adult. Okay, I’ll be blunt. Being an adult sounds utterly TERRIFYING! I had never thought about how overwhelming becoming an adult and leaving for school on the same day would be. So, what did I do to ease my nerves, you ask? I watched a movie, of course!

Since I’m going to school in New York, I had no choice but watch a film set in New York. I decided to watch the hit-indie film, Frances Ha because it’s a modern film that uses the New York setting as a character very well. Plus, I love Greta Gerwig! With Gerwig portraying the titular character created by Noah Baumbach and herself, Frances Ha tells the story of a mid-twenties woman living in New York as she attempts to pursue a dance career without the talent that it requires and navigates the changes in her relationship with her best friend. I didn’t want to just watch this movie because it masterfully illustrates the hilarity that can ensue when trying (and often failing) in being an adult and the realization that what you love to do may not always love you back. I wanted to watch because it was sort of how I was feeling. As I officially become an adult and go to school on the other side of the country to study what I love all on the same day, my mind starts reeling with doubt. Am I making a mistake? Is it crazy to chase a film career? Will I even be good at it? What the hell am I doing?

Thank goodness this feeling didn’t last long as I snap back into my normal mindset. Becoming an adult and going after my goals may scare me a little bit but the fact that I have the opportunity to chase after what I want for myself at a university that I truly believe will help clear my path for success is way more thrilling to me. I was going to the city of my dreams to study what I love. How could I do myself justice by doing anything else? The next day would mark the beginning of my next journey and professional career and that’s what I chose to dwell on. And, man, did it get better and better when I finally arrived. The Television and Film Production program is pretty small at my school, so I was a little worried it would be hard to find people with my major. Boy, was I wrong! Coincidentally, the very first person I talked to at the orientation was a tv/film major too! Can you believe it? Even better, I went to the city just a few days later with that same person. We took the subway and everything! (Sorry, fellow Californians, but Shake Shack blows In n Out out of the water.) With all of the excitement I experienced before classes even started, I couldn’t wait for what was in store.

My first class of my college career was Motion Picture Industry Practices. Going into the classroom on the first official day of school, I wasn’t quite sure what the course was going to be about. I just knew it sounded interesting and that I was glad to have one of my major courses so early. I get to class about 15 minutes early with my friend and take a seat three rows away from the professor’s station. When my very tall and sturdy professor walked in, I was undoubtedly intimidated. The entire time he wordlessly settled in, all I could think about was how nervous and unprepared I felt. Then, he speaks! From the moment he started speaking, filling the room with his booming voice, I could tell how much he enjoyed teaching. The first day of class was a focused lecture about the similarities of technological advances as early as Gutenberg’s printing press to Apple and how film industry practices are always changing with the ever-changing technology. The professor made it clear that, despite its technical title, the course was an Intro to Motion Picture Industry Practice as new practices are always being introduced in the business. When my professor explained that each week would be devoted to learning the practices of the producer, director, and the many other roles in the industry, it became the class I looked forward to most. This is literally what I want to learn! This is what I want to do! After finishing my first film class, I can’t wait for what’s ahead. I’m in the city I’ve always loved from afar, learning more about what I love, and getting one step closer to my goals. I’d say my new life as a college student is so far so good.

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤

3 thoughts on “Through Sydney’s Eyes Takes New York

  1. Welcome, Sydney! Was just thinking to text you about how you are settling in. Well I can see you are doing just fine. Being on your own for the first time is (and should be) just a little scary and exciting. So you’re doing just fine.

    I am here.


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