The 2018 Awards Season Has Begun!

It’s officially everyone’s favorite time of year–awards season! Another great year of film brings the countless award ceremonies honoring the best films of the year. The Golden Globes kick off the fun award season this Sunday, and I hope you all have your champagne (or sparkling cider) ready. 2017 was filled with films that pushed the boundary of the art form and will only make the season even more exciting.

So, I’ve got some thoughts on the Golden Globe nominations. First and foremost, it makes no logical sense how Get Out, the horror-thriller film about race relations in America, could possibly be placed in the Comedy or Musical category. Sure, there’s some humor in the film, mostly through Lil Rel’s character, but it is most definitely not a comedy. Classifying Get Out as a comedy is like saying The Shining is a musical. The Comedy/Musical category is meant for films like Lady Bird or The Greatest Showman, not films that simply have a few laughs. Speaking of The Greatest Showman, the film about P.T. Baum creating the first show, I wonder how much the movie musical will be a contender in this awards cycle besides Original Song nominations. I have a feeling the Hollywood Foreign Press just wanted to throw a musical in the mix. Even more mind-blowing, Christopher Plummer was nominated for his supporting role in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, only a month after replacing Kevin Spacey and weeks before it was released. Plummer is probably great in the film, as he always is, but I can’t help to think that his nomination questioningly bumped Michael Stuhlbarg out of the running for his subtly epic performance in Call Me By Your Name.

What disappointed me most about the Golden Globe nominations this year was the Best Director–Motion Picture category. Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele gave the world two of the best films of the year that meticulously provided insight into two worlds rarely seen in film with such imagination and creativity in their directorial debuts, Lady Bird and Get Out, respectively. Despite the massive audience and critical acclaim, neither were nominated for their directing and it just doesn’t make sense. Some of the best films of the year were helmed by diverse directors, like women and people of color, yet the nominees do not reflect that. Yes, some of that outrage was from my only slightly bias that Gerwig’s Lady Bird should have a nomination in every category possible, but it doesn’t seem right that both Gerwig and Peele were not included in the nominees.

All that being said, I still have a lot of movies to see before Oscar Sunday. Though, unlike previous years, I’m really excited to see many of the films that are getting loads of awards buzz, like I, Tonya and The Shape of Water. And, while I hate to say the phrase, it’s been a great “year for women.” Not just for female roles on screen but behind the camera as well. I’m definitely tired of hearing every couple of years that it’s a great year for women, but at least it’s not just for actresses this time. As of right now, I’m pulling for Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, and Get Out, but let’s see where this awards’ season takes us! (What am I saying? My opinion on Lady Bird will never change. Lady Bird wins everything!)

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤

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