Golden Globes 2018 Reactions

If you have followed this blog at all, you can already guess what I was doing Sunday night–watching the Golden Globes, of course! It was a night of laughter, tears, and protest, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Last night’s host, Seth Meyers of Late Night with Seth Meyers, undoubtedly had a huge responsibility on his hands in discussing the sexual harassment scandals that have flooded Hollywood the past few months, but I think he absolutely nailed it. His jokes were truthful and damn-near cringy, just like the countless sexual assault and harassment cases that have plagued the industry. Sure, some people might say that some of his jokes were a little too close to the line, but I’d much rather the host take big risks than not scare the Hollywood crowd, especially the men, just a little bit. It would have been nice if there was a female host for the night, but Meyers was aware of the irony and prepared accordingly by bringing his “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” segment to the show with the help of Hollywood women in the audience. And, might I say, he was the only man last night who properly took his stage time to offer his allegiance and support to the women that have been harmed and working for reform. So, in my book, Seth Meyers gets an A.

The big winner for film was Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, coming out on top in the Best Actress-Drama, Best Supporting Actor, Best Motion Picture-Drama, and Best Original Screenplay, but I don’t know how I feel since I haven’t seen it yet. On one hand, I freaking love Frances McDormand so much and love when she wins. While I love Sam Rockwell and happy he is finally getting some recognition, I still can’t get over the fact that Michael Stuhlbarg wasn’t nominated for Call Me By Your Name and strongly believe it would’ve been his to lose if he was included in the category. Even though I am a fan of the actors in Three Billboards, I question whether the outcome would have been the same if Jordan Peele’s Get Out was properly nominated in the Motion Picture Drama category instead of Comedy or Musical. Many people are upset Get Out didn’t win anything, but, of course, it didn’t! It was nominated as a comedy when it’s definitely not a comedy. If you’re comparing Get Out to Lady Bird or The Disaster Artist as a comedy, then it obviously has no chance of winning. Because it’s NOT a comedy! The outrage should be placed on the fact that the Hollywood Foreign Press and Universal, the company that distributed the horror film, allowed it to be eligible for the Comedy/Musical category.

The Golden Globes are meant to celebrate the past year of great television and film, but this year it was about a lot more. In light of the sexual predation that has been revealed in Hollywood since the Weinstein news broke, the women and men invited to the award ceremony wore all black to protest the abuse that has plagued the entertainment business and kick off the Time’s Up initiative to provide legal funding for victims in all industries. People all around the world, myself included, wore black to stand in support of the women, and men, who have been abused and the demanded change of inequality. Many worried that the stars wearing all black on the red carpet would just be for show, but the actresses proved them wrong by bringing activists from different industries as their dates to give them a platform. They used their interviews to talk about the issue at hand and Time’s Up plan to fix them. They used every bit of stage time to call out the inequality presented. Yes, I’m talking about Natalie Portman confidently calling out the annoyingly ALL-MALE nominees for Best Director. The women proudly proved that last night was not simply a publicity stunt.

Oprah. Oprah. Oprah. I don’t think a single person watching the awards last night felt any less than inspired after watching that breathtaking speech made by a life-changing woman. Just one of the moments in her speech that resonated with me the most is when she described being a little black girl watching Sidney Poitier win the Oscar in 1964 as the first black man to do so and recognizing the fact that little black girls were watching her at home as she becomes the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award. I can confidently say that, while I’m not little anymore, I was that girl sitting in front of the TV, inspired as I watched someone who looked like me being recognized for her incredible accomplishments and seeing her dreams come to fruition. As Reese Witherspoon and many others said, thank you, Oprah.

Now, let’s talk about Lady Bird! My favorite film of the year walked away with two wins last night, Best Motion Picture–Comedy or Musical and Best Actress–Comedy or Musical, and believe me when I say Sacramento went crazy (just check Twitter). When Greta Gerwig gave Sacramento, CA a shoutout on the Golden Globes stage, everyone felt like she was personally thanking you for being from Sacramento. I think all St. Francis alumnae and current students agree that Saoirse Ronan is now an honorary Troubie. I am beyond thrilled for the fantastic film getting such a great honor, but I am still so disappointed in the HFPA for not nominating Greta or Jordan Peele for Best Director. It makes even less sense after awarding Lady Bird with Best Motion Picture–Comedy but not, at least, nominating the director. That being said, GO LADY BIRD! GO GRETA!

As we get closer to the Oscar night, the Golden Globes don’t always serve as a key indicator of who will come out on top at the Academy Awards. The Golden Globes are decided by a much smaller voting size than the Academy with less than 100 voters. More frontrunners will come forward as the awards season continues with the Critic’s Choice Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In the meantime, I’ll just continue obsessing over Lady Bird and Oprah.

Through my eyes,

Sydney ❤


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