About Me

IMG-0243I am a freshman at St. John’s University and an avid film nerd (yes, IMDB and The Hollywood Reporter are my favorite websites). I may be young, but I have plenty to say. Inspired by my background in theater production in high school, I major in film production and plan to become a producer.  I hope to express my thoughts on Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and also the award-winning films most people have never heard of. Whether I share my opinion on controversial topics in the industry or rave about an indie movie on Netflix, I will expose how I see the amazing world of film. add another page.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Dear Sydney,
    My name is Jojopahmaria Nsoroma. I’m a friend of your grandma, Ms. Mona, who gave me the link to this wonderful blogsite. I share your love of film. I grew up on Staten Island, NY, in a family of film buffs. I’m appreciate your film reviews and am so happy to hear the NYC is treating you so well. I’m a nomad right now, but do get “home’ to NY to visit my family. Hopefully on one of my trips, I can get to meet up with you. Continue Blessings for your studies and productions.

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